Finding Acupuncture Across Alberta

Finding acupuncture is an easy thing to do, right?  Finding good acupuncture is not an easy thing to do.  There are more than a few shady practices out there, largely owing to the fact that acupuncture is not regulated nearly as tightly as the mainstream medical industry.  But you still are dealing with both your health and your body (not to mention your money), so you want do it right.

Always call the acupuncturist yourself and feel free ask them a couple questions.  Obviously don’t keep them on the phone for hours, but do get an idea of who they are an who they typically treat.  Find out where they received their training, and check out the reputation and certifications of the school.  Have they practiced anywhere else?

Like many local business, they rely heavily on word of mouth.  So a practitioner that has been working in the area for a very long time is more likely to be a solid practitioner.  If they’re new, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad.  If you find out their practice tends to pick up and leave the city after six months or a year, then you may have cause to worry.

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In my opinion though, the best weapon you have is reviews.  Most clinics have reviews through Google or potentially other sites, and they will give you a great idea of the quality of the clinic.  Make sure you read the reviews and check out what kind of things people are saying (not just glance at the star-rating).  Other options you can try include a directory, or a referral from a friend.

If you want to get some more reading on finding the right practitioner then check out this article here.  If you’re still stuck or have questions, feel free to Contact us and we will provide the best answers we can.


Acupuncture Uses and Treatments


In recent years, acupuncture has sky-rocketed in popularity.  It has made the quick transformation from alternative medicine to mainstream accepted medical practice.  But there remains a lot of misinformation surrounding the subject.  Mainly, what does acupuncture actually treat?

Here is a quick list of some of the most common reasons people seek acupuncture treatments:

  • Headaches and migraines, one of the most common reasons people seek acupuncture is for a simple headache.  There is considerable scientific evidence to back up the positive benefits behind it.
  • Knee pain.  Although all joint pain can lead to acupuncture treatments, knee pain in particular has been shown to be particularly effective.
  • Postoperative pains.  Another common reason people seek acupuncture.
  • Neck pain.  Although it can depend on the cause, research has shown acupuncture to have potential to be very effective here.
  • Back pain.  By hitting certain acu-points, acupuncture can relieve pressure and alleviate back pains.